Takot ako…

Kinatatakutan ko ang araw na ito. Ito yung araw na pinakainiiwasan ko. Ilang beses kong pinigilan. Iniwasan. Pero hindi ko alam, tuluyan na akong nahulog sa bitag. Hindi ko alam kung paano makaahon. Hindi ko din alam kung sasaluhin mo ako sa aking pagkahulog. Sasaluhin mo nga ba ako o tuluyang ilulugmok? Wala naman kasing … Continue reading Takot ako…

​~I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love with You~

It’s not that I really don’t want to but rather scared to fall in love with you. I am afraid that if I fall in love with you, I will not love another man again. I am afraid that if I fall in love with you, I might get stuck and wait for you to love me too.


Not that I don’t like you…

It’s more than that…

More than a phone call

More than pull of gravity

More than a special feeling

It’s like paradise, almost heaven

Closer but not quite

Not the kind of fear I bear

Not the kind of smile I wear

You are – what my lips can kiss.

You are – what my heart cannot hold

You are untouchable


Non negotiable

You are everything

You are nothingness

You are my loss

My greatest gain

You are the mean, median, mode

You are science

The theory of my existence

You are math

The solution to all my whys and what ifs in life

You are art

The unfinished portrait in my mind

But I cannot fall for you

I’m scared to love you

Afraid it grows deeper

Deeper than eternity

I’m scared to lose you

Afraid I won’t recover

I don’t wanna…

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